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6/18-19/07 — Wilmington Canyon

We headed out Monday morning and decided to first make some drops for tilefish as the conditions were perfect.

In 45 minutes we made three drifts and had a dozen tiles to 25 pounds. The fish were mainly 8-14 pounds.

Cleaned up the slime and headed out towards the big break. Trolled along the break and into the northeast corner of the 100 fathom line in the Baltimore and had our first fish around 6pm.

We went 2 for 4 on 50 pound yellowfin and then had a few singles, boating one more yellowfin before dark and releasing three barely legal bluefins that hit on purple/black canyon runner jets over ballyhoo and 9″ rainbow squid bars.

Night produced nothing except for flying fish after the mesh chum bag broke at midnight.

The troll started at 3:45am for us but didn’t have a knockdown until 5:30am. From then until 8am it was non-stop action in the form of single strikes only. We ended up with another 10 yellowfin on rainbow squid bars.

We ran 97 miles home in following seas.