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7/29-30/07 — Toms Canyon

We got to the toms at 2:00pm and started tile fishing in perfect conditions. The drift was less than half a knot so it made my job of staying on the fish easy.

In 2.5 hours we put 16 tiles to 38 pounds in the boat. With some great fish in the box we decided to get on the troll.

The afternoon troll produced little in terms of catch results but it was action packed. We had one dolphin early, then went on to have two sharks come up on a green machine spreader bar and a canyon runner 9″ rainbow squid bar. We saw them sunning on the surface, I went over to see what kind of sharks they were and then they disappeared to explode behind the boat… they didn’t look like makos; I’m thinking hammerheads as they were pretty large(250+)…

we then had a blue marlin bite a rainbow squid bar next to a pot near the tip. The fish streaked off towards the horizon and dropped the hook.

At around 7:30 a fish hit a black/purple jr. islander ballyhoo combo behind a bird down the middle and dropped it. It then came up and smashed a my-lure jet over a ballyhoo off the short center rigger. We fought the fish thinking it was a shark for about 15 minutes only to watch it launch itself out of the water 25 yards from our starboard rigger and chafe through the 130# leader. … it was actually a 300-350# blue one…

set up just off the bank on the northeast side and had a sword bite on the deep sword line 10 minutes into chunking. We released a 30 pound swordfish.

We ended up the night 2 for 4 on yellowfin, both 55-60 pounds.

In the morning we had 2 yellowfin take a 9″ rainbow squid bar and a my-lure jet over ballyhoo and they went into the box in short order.

As we were cleaning up to go home(with 5 lines left in the water) we had a 35 pound yellowfin take a 9″ rainbow squid bar off the short rigger in 40 fathoms inside the tip.