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LBI Bass! Limit!

A friend and I went out on a scouting trip to see if the bass had moved in yet. The cold water had kept the numbers down recently but we’ve seen a sharp rise in temps the past few days so we were hoping things had changed.

After releasing 2 short bass on clams (in 5 minutes) we decided to drop down live herring. bluefish are always a concern fishing these baits but we managed to avoid them. Within 30 seconds of dropping down we put a 36″ keeper in the boat and decided that it was time to jump overboard.

We jumped in the water with spearfishing gear with the intention of shooting our first bass of the year. We quickly limited out with our remaining three bass (33,34, and 37 inches) and continued on in search of weakfish or drum.

After an hour of spearfishing we found neither but I was extremely encouraged with the number of keeper stripers we saw. There were very few stripers smaller than 28 inches and I’d put the number of keepers i saw conservatively at 500+..

As far as blackfish go, wherever we went we saw huge fish. I must have seen a dozen over 10 pounds and hundreds over 20 inches. Hopefully the closure means we’ll see big numbers of fish in the future..

Given the number of bass that have moved in I expect the trolling to turn on out front very shortly.. We’ll be bringing the new boat up from North Carolina next week and we’ll be running open boat striper trips beginning the week of the 19th.