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6/23-24 — Spencer/Wilmington Canyon — 18 Yellowfin, Mako

On Monday we headed right back to the Spencer where we had yellowfin on Friday.

Conditions didn’t look great in the Spencer but we managed two different shots at small(26-36″) yellowfin at the southwest corner before picking up and running down to where Fishing Fever reported action in the Wilmington.

We picked up a few singles upon arriving and then had 8 out of the 10 rods go off on a nicer class of yellowfins. we went 6 for 8 on fish to 65 pounds just before dark. These fish ate rainbow squid bars, green machine bars, jets, and ballyhoo..

Set up on the drift for sharking and released a blue shark just after midnight. Put together a 9 mile drift before we had both a hammerhead and a mako swimming in the slick. baited, fought and boated a 102 pound mako that put up less fight than one of the skippies we’d used for bait.. It came to the boat in under 3 minutes.

Since we had our mako we ended the night early and jogged back up to the northeast corner of the wilmington in the dark..

We had a few more shots at fish on green machine bars, rainbow squid bars, skirted ballyhoo and jets on the northeast corner in 400-600 feet of water.

Ended the trip having caught 18 yellowfin to 65 pounds, releasing several, and having boated a mako.




6/19-20 — Spencer Canyon — 35 Yellowfin (26 released), Hammerhead

We headed to the Spencer Canyon on Thursday and had consistant action as soon as the lines hit the water.

We fished around the tip of the canyon in 50-100 fathoms. A 69.5-70.5 degree temperature break was holding plenty of bait and the yellowfin weren’t far behind.

The fish hit just about anything we had in the water but hot baits were green machine spreader bars and 9″ rainbow squid bars.

We boated/released 25 yellowfin by sunset and set up on the drift for sharks.

We released a hammerhead shark at night.

Got back up on the troll in the morning and had 9 yellowfin tuna on within minutes. We only had 2 anglers in the cockpit so landing them was tricky but we managed 4.

We had a few more triple headers of yellowfin and then headed for home.

Ended the trip with 35 yellowfin to 60 pounds, 26 of which were released, and we released a hammerhead shark.



6/15-16 — Spencer and Lindenkohl Canyons

Headed out to the warm water in the Lindenkohl and Spencer Canyons on Sunday.

Began trolling just short of where the break was on the satellite shot but quickly found that the water had moved out quite a bit and cooler green water had taken its place.

Trolled down the 100 fathom line towards the Spencer looking for nicer water and the life we had on Thursday but were quickly disappointed..

Worked down to the tip of the spencer, down to the southwest corner, 6 miles south of the SW corner.. worked some better looking 71.5 degree water out in 500 fathoms but it was lifeless.. moved out deeper and found water as warm as 72 degrees but it wasn’t holding any life either.

Worked back into the 100 fathom line on the SW side of the spencer and started to see some slicks, storm petrels, and bait..

Finally, after 7 hours of trolling we got our first shot at the fish. We managed to land and release 3 small yellowfins. One hit a zuchinni jet/bally combo, one hit a mini green machine bar and the third hit a 9″ canyon runner rainbow squid bar.

Unfortunately this was the extent of the action for us.

We spent the night sharking without a bite.

We got up on the troll in the morning in pea soup fog at 4:30am. Found some slicks and birds between the tip and the northeast corner of the spencer and thought we’d get some shots. We worked the area hard until 10:30am but it never happened.

The entire time we were out there the current was running from the NW to the SE, right off the bank.

Pez Machine Report — 6/11-6/12 — 2 Makos, 7 Bluefin, 9 Yellowfin

Headed to the Spencer canyon yesterday on a crew trip and began trolling around 4pm.

By dusk we had picked away at 5 bluefin, 4 of which were released. we kept a 46″ fish. Our bites came on 9″ canyon runner rainbow squid bars, green machines and ballyhoo. All of the action occurred in 200-250 fathoms on the northeast corner of the spencer in 73-74 degree water.

We set up our chum slick on the drift with skippies breaking the surface around us.. We thought it was going to be an amazing night with bluefin under the boat almost immediately, but they didn’t bite and disappeared shortly thereafter.

We released a 3′ mako that ate a bunker at 2:30am and then we released another small mako, a 4 footer, that ate a butterflied mackeral around 4am.

The drift took us to the northeast so we started trolling in 500 fathoms on the southwest side of the lindenkohl. Spoke with Phil from the Canyon Runner who said he’d had yellowfin on the SW corner the day before. Not more than 2 minutes after we put down the radios we had a shot of small yellowfins. We had boils on 5 baits but only hooked 2. Both were 34-35 inches.

A couple hours later we were on the SW side of the Spencer and we hooked into a nice fish on a ballyhoo. After a 45 minute fight we had a fat 58″ bluefin on deck. Circled right around and had a shot of 3 more yellowfin. Two were throwbacks and one was about 25 pounds.

Ended up with another flurry on the NE corner of the Spencer between noon and 2pm. We had another big bluefin eat a mini green machine bar trolled from the flat line, after 15 minutes we pulled the fish through the door, took the hook out and measured it at 62 inches, and then released it.

went 2 for 3 on yellowfin twice more and called it a trip at 3pm.