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7/29-30/08 — Carteret Canyon — Yellowfin Tuna!!

We had an overnighter and headed to where we’ve been fishing the past few days in the Carteret Canyon.

We trolled in the afternoon and ended up with 6 large yellowfin between 75 and 110 pounds. All the action occured on skirted ballyhoo and spreader bars.

We also hooked a blue marlin and fought it for a few minutes before pulling the hook.

The night chunk was tough with 3+ knots of current. It took about 55 ounces of lead to get the baits down to where the fish were feeding and it led to some fish breaking off.

We ended up the night chunk going 3 for 5 on yellowfin and put a few dolphin in the boat.

7/25-26/08 — Yellowfin Limit

Had an open boat trip out to the Carteret Canyon for an overnighter on Friday.

We started trolling at 1pm and immediately had a fish on. We pulled the hook a few minutes into the fight.. Luckily, this trend didn’t continue!!

We had non-stop action on 40-65 pound yellowfin, with a few going to 80 pounds until 5pm.

The fish favored Canyon Runner 9″ rainbow squid bars and green machine bars. The bars outproduced ballyhoo 3 to 1. The fish that were taken on skirted ballyhoo were skirted with Canyon Runner Zuchinni jets and chartreuse/green sea witches.

At 5pm we headed out to 3-500 fathoms in search of billfish or bigeyes trolling large lures..The largest yellowfin, and the only yellowfin we caught out there, was a 100-110 pounder caught in 300 fathoms just after 5:30pm..

Since the boxes were full the guys decided they wanted to target swords at night. We had 4 sword lines out and spent the night on the drift just outside the 100 fathom line without a bite. We had plenty of baitfish and squid in the lights, just no swords.

Cleaned up around 3am and got home in time for the guys to eat breakfast..

7/17 Day Troll — Toms Canyon

Left Barnegat Light at 12:30am this morning in calm seas and clear conditions.. The moon lit the way and we cruised along at 18 knots.

got the lines in the water at 4:30 at the Toms Canyon but we didn’t get our first shot until 6:30am.

The first shot was all small fish.. I think 10 lines were hit but only 4 hooked up. Released 3 shorts and pulled the hook on one.

turned right around and got covered up with bigger fish. This time 8 lines went down, 2 pulled off before i could get the boat out of gear, and 3 lines burned through each other while the fish were running out.

we managed a paid of nice fish on this go around, here is mike with one:


Pounded the area hard for over an hour but, despite marking them, couldn’t get them to come up again.

around 8:30am we found a slick with storm petrals working it and before I knew it we were covered up. We had 5 more fish hooked with fish hitting the other lines and ran into the same problems as before. Lines burning through each other and bars being torn apart.. we managed two more nice yellowfin out of this shot and a pile of bars in need of repair..

unfortunately for us that marked the end of the tuna bite. people were picking fish here and there around us until early afternoon but we weren’t that lucky.

We decided to drop down for tiles but hadn’t really anticipated it given the short day of trolling on a day troll.. We were using ballyhoo chunks and yellowfin belly strips and picked a couple of fish on them..

Mark Deblasio on the 60′ Canyon Runner floated us out a box of squid (Thanks again Mark!) and we dropped back down…

Put a total of 9 tilefish to 22 pounds in the boat and called it a day.





Toms Canyon — 7/11-12 — 8 Yellowfin, 6 Dolphin, 6 Tilefish

Had a bunch of friends in town from all over the country and decided to make the most of the gorgeous weather.

We headed to the Toms canyon on Friday afternoon and immediately dropped down for tiles. We gave it a little more than an hour and a couple of drifts but didn’t come up with anything.

Went on the troll and immediately had an 80 pound yellowfin hit a Canyon Runner 9″ rainbow squid bar off the long rigger.. given the reports from the morning bite I thought it was going to be a good day..

It wasn’t to be and we spent the next three hours trolling around and picking away at chicken dolphin…

Around 5pm, 6 miles up from the northeast corner we had a 350-400 blue marlin swim up on a rainbow squid bar trolled from the port side flat line. Doug Adams cranked the bar away and my brother (also Doug) dropped a purple/silver/black senior wide range.. After 3 seconds he engaged the drag and this thing put on a show…

Had to run the boat at 18 knots for a bit to keep the fish from jumping into the cockpit.. eventually she settled down and went deep. Unfortunately, it seems she was tail wrapped or her bill got wrapped in the main line during the air show and after 15-20 minutes we broke her off way above the swivel..

Spent the balance of the day between there and the northeast corner with bait all over the place but didn’t do anything more..

We didn’t do anything on the chunk except break off what was likely a big hammerhead..

Picked a yellowfin at sunrise and then spent the next 3 hours frustrated about the number of boats and the lack of bites.. Then we had our turn at the fish and got covered up.. 10 out of the 12 lines in the water got hit and we hooked up with 8 of them. Since 8 people were asleep inside the fish all got a nice headstart and it took a while to crank them in.. broke a couple off and boated the rest.

Dropped down for tilefish afterwards and picked up 6 to 19lbs. We had a few diehard simpson fans calling them yum-yum fish.. they certainly taste that way..

Final tally for the trip:
8 for 12 on yellowfin(all 65-95lbs)
6 chicken dolphin
6 tilefish
0 for 1 on blue marlin

I should have some pictures tonight as people flew/drove home last night

Here’s corey on the last yellowfin of the day. It took about 45 minutes from start to finish so he’s lucky it was a nice fish.. tipped the scales at 70 pounds dressed…


7/4-5/08 Hudson Canyon Tuna, Tilefish, Mahi

We had a great group of guys out with us for an open boat overnighter and I hope to fish with them again in the future!!

Headed to the Hudson on Friday morning in a leftover swell from Thursday’s southwest wind.

We decided on dropping down for tilefish to start the trip off but found a bit too much drift.. We got the the grounds and had a south-to-north current and a ssw wind which combined to about 1.4-1.7 knots of drift.

We threw 28-36 ounces on and went to town.. In less than ideal conditions for deep dropping we boated 6 tiles to about 18 pounds.

The trolling proved to be tough. We headed down the west wall and out to the southwest corner, working some bait along the way, but didn’t pull any bites.

Trolled across to the east side just before dark and had a single bite on a blue/white sea witch/ballyhoo combo on the long rigger.. We fought the fish for 10 minutes before pulling the hook. The bite came at the tip of the 500 fathom line in between the NE and SW corners.

Set up for sharking and had a blue shark swim right up to the chum bag around midnight. We pitched a bait, fought and released it in short order. This would be the only bite of the night.

Unfortunately, we lost about an hour of effective fishing to a t-storm that came through around 3am. High winds(accompanied by sideways rain) caused the drift to increase to over 2.5 knots for a short period and it was nearly impossible to keep the baits down.

We got up on the troll about 4 miles northeast of the 100 square and had a bite on a 9″ canyon runner rainbow squid bar before we got the third line in the water.

We had another shot of three yellowfin come up around 6:30am. Two of the three fish hit skirted ballyhoo and one hit a green machine spreader bar.

Picked up a double header of gaffer dolphin just off high flyer. both fish ate skirted ballyhoo and both fish were over 20 pounds.

Around 8:00am we had our troll bite of the day, a single yellowfin. Our largest of the trip, this fish hit a blue/white sea witch over a ballhoo trolled from the long rigger.

With the tile grounds on the way home we stopped for a few more drifts. Unfortunately the wind was against the current and it made it tough to stay untangled.. We managed one more tilefish before deciding to run the 78 miles home.

Here are a few shots from the day: