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8/21-22 — Red Hot Swordfishing!!

Fished the Wilmington canyon last night and despite terrible tuna fishing we had great swordfishing.

We ended up the night with 6 sword bites, came tight on 5 and landed 4.

The one we pulled the hook on was a pretty nice fish and the 4 we released were all in the 44-46″ range.

We jigged up a small blackfin tuna just as we set up for the night.

The troll bite continues to be slow but we did have 4 whites cruise through the spread.

8/20/08 — Lobster Claw Bluefins!!

Left the dock at 12:30am in a 20 knot NE wind and headed south to the Lobster Claw.

Got to the grounds around 4:30am and circled the area looking for bait and fish.

Figured out where they were and put the lines in around 4:45am.

Marked the bluefins consistently all day long but we were having trouble getting bites.

We had a total of 4 bites and 2 didn’t even come tight.

Mid morning we fought a nice fish that ate a blue/white islander ballyhoo combo on the surface. Stu(first time there were 2 stu’s on the boat) did great job on the fish but we ended up pulling the hook with the wind-on on the reel after about 30 minutes.

Finally, at 1pm we had our last bite of the day… We fought and boated a fat 59″ bluefin after a 20 minute battle. It ate a pink/crystal ballyhoo combo on a planer.

We had a great group of guys on board who really endured some uncomfortable conditions and I’m glad it finally paid off at the end of the day.

8/19 Fluking!

We had the pleasure of fishing with some great kids today and I’m glad we had some decent fishing action.

We only had one keeper fluke but we had a steady pick all day long. We ended up with around 25 fluke overall.

8/15 — Bluefins

Headed out at 12:30am and took 4+ hours to run 61 miles to the Lobster Claw on Friday.

Got out lines in and started marking fish immediately.

Went 2 for 4 on 58-60″ bluefins, boating one at 59″ and releasing one.

Headed out to the Spencer Canyon after the second bluefin and trolled until 1pm without a touch.

8/17-18/08 — Yellowfins, Longfin, Tilefish, Swordfish

Fished down south on an overnighter Sunday into Monday and decided to go straight to deep dropping.

We landed one tilefish and had no more bites. Productive areas flat out stunk for us.

Got up on the troll around 3pm and found some skippies breaking on the surface. Stayed with these skippies until sunset and ended up going 6 for 8 on yellowfin. Three of the fish were 29-30 inches and three were about 50 pounds.

Set up for the chunk in 480 feet of water and had squid under the boat immediately. We had fun filling 5 gallon buckets full of 10-16″ squid during the slow times.

Early in the night we put a 50 pound longfin in the boat, our first longfin of the season.

Just after 11:30pm we had a tuna bait started screaming. we landed a nice swordfish after a 2 minute fight. Needless to say the fish was pretty green when we put it in the boat, we didn’t have time to put together the harpoon.

A little later we had an 8 foot blue shark take a sword bait down 200 feet. Released it after a nice fight.

Around 3am we had another swordfish on… This time it was the typical swordfish bite and then we set up on the fish. Got the release on a 40-50 pound pup.

Got up on the troll and pulled the hook on a nice yellowfin around 6am and then had no more bites.

8/11-12/08 — Lindenkohl Canyon

Had an overnighter Monday-Tuesday and headed off to the Lindenkohl canyon.

We trolled from 4pm until dark without a touch despite a decent number of flying fish and squid down deep.

We set up for the chunk on the southwest corner of the lindy but the chunk bite never materialized. At 11pm we hooked and fought a big sword(~200-225lbs) but pulled the hook just under the boat after about 45 minutes.

Just before dawn we had a group of 4 small sailfish chasing baitfish and squid in the underwater lights… we caught one in the dipnet to check it out and snap a picture before letting it go.

On the morning troll we had a couple of shots of small yellowfin, landed three keepers to 30 pounds and released a couple of throwbacks..

Rough ride home into a stiff NW wind.

8/13/08 — Bluefin Inshore!

We had the Lance Seeton charter out for a bluefin day troll. We left the dock at 1:15am and headed out to 200 feet of water.

We had our first fish on before the sun was up and it wound up being a fat 58″ fish.

With the pressure off we went into release mode and ended the day 4 for 5 before the bite shut down at 9am.

Lance had the honors of fighting and releasing our biggest fish of the day, a 150-160 pounder. It was his first bluefin tuna and a mighty tough one at that.

Back to the dock before 2pm, can’t complain about that!

The guys on the trip snapped a lot of photos… hopefully they’ll see this and send them my way to post up.

8/8/08 — Friday Fluking!!

Today we changed things up a bit and headed out fluking with a party of 4 anglers.

40 feet of water was productive for us today but the keepers just weren’t biting.

Ended up with just over 50 flouder, most in the 12-17″ range and one keeper at 22″.

The fish took anything we put in front of them: gulp, squid, spearing, and minnows…

8/5/08 — Carteret Canyon Blue Marlin and Yellowfin Tuna

Fished the carteret on Tuesday and had a very slow day on yellowfin.

We had a shot early when the yellowfins came up around feeding skippies but didn’t do much beyond that.

We had 10 baits get hit during the shot, only 5 lines came tight and 2 immediately tangled and broke off. We boated 2 60 pound yellowfins and released a third small one.

At around 8:30am we had a blue marlin in the spread and it came tight on a skirted ballyhoo. Managed the release after a 25 minute fight…

Had a few more single yellowfin bites in the afternoon and headed home around 6pm.

Ended the day with 6 yellowfin and the blue marlin release.