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9/29-30/08 — Toms Canyon

Sorry for the late report, I’ll try to throw Fri-Sat’s report up as soon as I get back in as it looks like Sat-Sun is fishable as well.

We fished the Toms canyon Monday and Monday night.

Started off on the troll and picked dolphin off of pots right away.

While making a second pass around one of the pots we had a double header of wahoo fly through the air chasing after the baits. Hooked up but broke through the mono.

Pulled the hook on a white marlin that at a stalker annihilator pulled from the short rigger.

About an hour after the front went through(according to sirius) the wind picked up to 20 knots out of the N. It was pretty rough for a few hours but it was supposed to lay day so we stuck it out.

We picked up a longfin near the tip around 2pm. It hit a Canyon Runner 9″ rainbow squid spreader bar trolled from the long rigger.

More gaffer dolphin off each pot and then had a double header of longfin around the northeast corner. One ate a skirted ballyhoo behind a bird and the other ate a 9″ rainbow squid bar.

We fished until about 2am and released an extremely small sword that was swimming around the boat; it might have gone 20 pounds.

Around 1am we had a runoff that we couldn’t stop. Some sort of sea monster at a bait intended for a swordfish down 160 feet and swam to the surface. Doug thought he heard an air spout of a porpoise and i thought a saw a bill thrashing in the surface, but then whatever it was took off.

had to take the fish up to the bow and ended up locking up the drag with 30-40 yards to go before being spooled. Luckily, the line broke in the topshot where it had been rubbing on the anchor line, so we got all the JB spectra back.

Released a blue shark as well and ran home to get in before before sunrise.

Ended up with 32 Dolphin(of the 20 we kept only 4 were under 10 pounds), 3 50-60 pound longfin, and released the sword pup.

Hopefully the tuna fishing and the night bite continues to improve, but the trolling action for things other than tuna is still pretty unbelievable.