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5/29/09 — LBI Trophy Stripers

With all the recent hype of big fish and giant schools of bunker in the area we had high expectations for today’s trip.

Anticipating a crowd I convinced our charter of two to leave the dock at 4:45am .. After a 3 mile steam in thick fog and a light drizzle I realized I was clearly the only idiot who felt the need to beat the crowd.

We fished in 40-50 feet of water for the majority of the morning as conditions weren’t great for siting bunker on the surface.

We picked our first bass about an hour into the morning. Colin’s personal best hit the deck, a 34 pounder, after falling for a white bunker spoon.


We were marking a ton of bait consistantly surrounded by red boomerangs so I felt pretty confident the morning would turn into something special.

Hours went by and we had couple more bites One of these seemed to be some sort of sea monster. Fearing being spooled by whatever was on the line I had to send us in reverse. I’m still not sure what was on our line as the hook pulled but i’m guessing it was either a monster bass or something
foul-hooked in the aft end. The thresher theory bit the dust when the leader came back unscathed.

Finally, around 1pm, we had another solid hookup on a chrome bunker spoon. This time we knew it was a bass and after a 20 minute fight a 49 inch bass hit the deck. This cow was Tom’s first striper.


We gave it another hour and started pulling the lines in around 2:30pm. As we were clearing the last line another bass piled on the bunker spoon. Colin fought the fish for about 10 minutes before the hook pulled.

To my knowledge the bunker bite never materialized so it seems that trolling was the right choice for us.

My gut tells me fishing will break wide open once again given the number of fish we saw on the sounder. Hopefully tomorrow is the day.

here’s a shot during the t-storm that rolled through at 7am:


5/2/09 — Half Day Sea Bass

Today we had the James Loveless party out for a half day sea bass trip.

We left the dock at 9:30am and got on the sea bass in 80 feet of water to the northeast. We picked our way through 85 sea bass and ended up with 22 nice keepers for the table.

There wasn’t a lot of wind so we decided to stay on the drift. Once we were a hundred yards off the wreck the dogfish became a problem. Until that point we could hold the sea bass..

Back at the dock by 1:30pm.