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6/28 — 16 Yellowfin

Fished the Carteret Canyon today and arrived to a nice break right on the 100 fathom line.

All looked good and we got into a nice bite during greylight. Had 5 yellowfin by 5:30 in the morning, 2 of them keepers.

The morning bite was great but things slowed down considerably as the water slid down the edge.

Before we knew it the 69 degree water we were fishing had moved out and 64 degree water took its place. At that point time was tight so we pounded out the rest of the day on the southwest side of the carteret.

Ended the day 16 for 17 with 6 keepers to 25 pounds.

Here are a few pictures from the day. I don’t remember which but some went back over the side and some went into the fishbox.






6/24/09 — Yellowfins and Dolphin

Arrived at the Lindenkohl at 3:30am this morning and started trolling in the dark.

Marked a bunch of fish inside the tip in 50 fathoms. Put in a bunch of time trolling the area after sunup without a touch.

Started north up the edge and found some yellowfins willing to jump on our spread.

There weren’t many boats out there so once we got on the fish we were able to work the school all by ourselves and the fish kept biting.

We had singles, doubles and a few triples on yellowfins to 45 pounds.

When single fish came up they tended to bite on skirted ballyhoo, but when multiples came up the bit on Canyon Runner rainbow squid bars and green machine bars along with a few bites on the skirted ballyhoo.

Ended the day 20 for 24 on yellowfin and had a 10 pound dolphin that we trolled up off a piece of wood. 8 were kept for the table and the other 12 were released.

We’ve got a good number of midweek and weekend dates available in the next few weeks so if you’re sitting on the fence about a trip don’t delay! Get in on the action while it’s still going on!

Here are a few shots from the day:







6/11/09 — BLuefins, Yellowfins, Dolphin

Rounded up the crew and headed out to the Lindenkohl for our first trip of the year up here as the cob webs needed to go…

Left the dock at 11:30pm and took a slow ride in pea soup fog.

Put the lines in at 4am just short of the canyon and marked huge schools of bait all over the 100 fathom line.

Things looked great all day; there were slicks, schools of bait, whales, birds…

Managed to pick up a lone 32″ bluefin in 200 fathoms crossing over from the NE corner to the SW corner around 7am.

Passed by a log around 9am and immediately had a triple header of dolphin on. Landed two of the three and put them in the box.. one was about 9 pounds the other around 12.

Trolled all over between 50 and 500 fathoms between the lindy and the carteret without a touch before heading back to the southwest corner of the lindy.

Around 1:30pm the fog rolled back in and it seemed like it turned things on. Probably just a coincidence but we quickly went 5 for 7 on yellowfin in three shots. One of the fish was a throwback while the other 4 were keepers. The biggest fish was about 20 pounds.

We picked up and ran in at 2:15. 78 miles in heavy fog.

6/6/09 HPVFC Striper Shootout — First Place!

Had the pleasure of fishing the High Point Striper Shootout on Saturday and now understand what all that hype is about.

Everything from the captain’s meeting to the awards party was well organized and a lot of fun. There wasn’t much standing around wondering what was going to happen and when. Everyone there was really on the ball and the show seemed to have gone on without a hitch.

With the format we were able to start fishing at 3am so we left the dock at 2:30am.

Made the run to the bathing beach off IBSP and dropped in the lines about 3:30am. It wasn’t pretty but it was trollable for us.

Luckily the wind dropped out as the sun came up and it was ultimately a pretty incredible day on the water. I just wish the stripers had cooperated as well as the weather.

We put an extremely long day in on the water, the longest i’ve ever fished for stripers on one trip actually, and ended up with 3 bites on bunker spoons.

The first fish pulled off a couple minutes into the fight around 6:30am. That was a real heartbreaker because it felt like a good one.

Around 8am we picked a small fish off the sewer pipe a mile or so south of the ferris wheel in seaside. This one ultimately weighed in at 16# 9oz.

Hours and hours of nothing, until 2:15pm, and we finally had a bite on a green bunker spoon. I knew it was a good one. Every time i bumped the boat i felt like we were going to pull the hook. Doug and Andrew worked to net the fish and once in the boat we knew we had a contender since the fishing was so bad. You really could have heard a pin drop during the fight until the fish hit the deck… somehow it seemed the engines weren’t even making any noise…

Made the drive to the firehouse for the weigh-in and our big fish ended up at 37.5 lbs, good enough for heaviest fish. Our first fish gave us an aggregate weight of 54 pounds, good enough for first place in the calcutta as well.

Hopefully someone involved can post a picture, i didn’t get a chance to take one with my camera.

Thanks to everyone who helped with the tournament… all your organization and planning made for a great time all around!!