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8/30-31/09 — Carteret Canyon

Fished the Carteret and Lindy yesterday into today and finally experienced a good chunk bite.

We picked a 70lb. yellowfin on the troll yesterday afternoon when we arrived at the carteret.

Missed the release on some whites and then had a shot at blue marlin at dark. Fought the blue one into the dark and released the 175-200lb fish at 8:30pm. It hit a jet down the middle.

Set up on the chunk and had fish under the boat from 9pm-10:30pm and 3:30am-5:30am. We got a couple bites on bait but most of our bites were on diamond jigs.. Ended up with 12 yellowfin on the chunk and then spent a good amount of time between 4:30 and 5:30am watching them eat chunks.

Prior to the yellowfin action we boated a 50.5″ swordfish that ate a squid down 200 feet and picked up a pair of dolphin that swam through the lights.. We missed another sword bite around midnight.

On the morning troll we picked up another 70 pound yellowfin on a canyon runner rainbow squid bar.

We spent the last three hours today trolling lures hoping to pick up a white but it never happened.

Hudson Canyon 8/7-8

Fished the hudson friday-saturday with a group from hartford and philly.

Didn’t make it over to the epic bigeye bite as the guys wanted steady action and that’s exactly what they got!

Four of the guys had never been to the canyon before and they tell me that they’re now hooked. I could tell from the smiles on their faces that they weren’t kidding!

aside from all the squid you wanted to jig up, the night bite was slow for us….all of our fish were trolled up.

We ended up with 32 yellowfin to 85 pounds and had two gaffer dolphin.

I’ll try to get up some pictures when I get the camera off the boat.

Hudson Canyon 8/9-10

Fished the hudson Sunday-Monday and couldn’t resist the bigeye temptation. Ended up in the area and trolled for a while without a bite.

Around 5:40pm i saw some bait scatter on the surface, made a turn and watched a bigeye explode on a 9″ canyon runner rainbow squid bar.

We really put the heat on the fish as it was only a single bite and had it to the boat quickly. From hookup to sinking the gaff the whole fight took about 6 minutes.

Unfortunately, despite marking the eyeballs and tons of bait, nothing more happened for us before
setting up on the chunk.

At night we picked a few small yellowfins on the jig and had one take a squid meant for a sword.

Around 2:30am we released a nice mako.

Kept looking for the bigeyes in the morning and had a white pile on a blue/white skirted ballyhoo. Removed the hook, snapped a couple of pictures and let it go.

Noticing some restless anglers I headed over to the west wall and immediately go into the yellowfins.

Picked up a bunch of yellowfins, released another white around 9am and then called it a trip at 10am.

Ended up with a 130-140 pound bigeye(111 dressed), 10 yellowfin, 2 white marlin releases, a mako release, and 2 dolphin over 20 pounds.

I’ll add some pictures when I get my camera off the boat.

Beach Haven White Marlin Invitational — 2nd Heaviest Tuna, 3rd Most Tuna Points

Once again had the pleasure of fishing the Beach Haven White Marlin Invitational Tournament. I’m already thinking about next year.

I didn’t sleep much Wednesday night as we were fishing Thursday and I had memories of the big hatchet we jumped off during the thunderstorm on our second day of fishing last year. It was a heartbreaker for everyone involved on the boat and I was hoping that any shots we had would end in our favor this year.

On Thursday we fished the Carteret in 6-8 footers and 15-20 knots of southwest wind. It wasn’t pretty.

Around 9am we had bigeyes explode on two flatlines and our shotgun lure. We were in 1500 feet of water trolling across the swell… The sight of those fish airing out behind the boat never gets old!

My dad and John Tilton were dumb enough to grab the rods and got their butts kicked for an hour and twenty minutes. It’s times like these that makes me appreciate being on the trottles. Unless it’s a big swordfish, I’m really not much for torture.

We saw both the fish. We got a good look at my dad’s fish twice, it was in the 200-220lb class, before pulling the hook and John’s hit the deck. Back at the dock it weighed 159 pounds.



We headed for the scales early on day one.

Day two was uneventful. We headed back to the same spot in the Carteret but didn’t do much.

Picked up a couple dolphin and a 69 pound yellowfin.

Had a great time at the awards party last night! It was great to see so many familiar faces at the party and on the board!

After the awards party I left for the boat. We left at 12:30 for the Hudson… I think I got 20 minutes of sleep before my alarm went off.

8/3/09 Hudson Day Troll

8/3/09 — Hudson Day Troll

Took the Pat Magee charter to the Husdon Canyon for a day troll.

As soon as I got to the 100 fathom line I marked fish and as soon as we got the lines in the water we had fish on.

We fished along side skipjacks and shearwaters and ended up catching 35 yellowfin to 75 pounds.

Of the 35 we kept 10 and threw back a few more keepers. Needless to say, it didn’t really matter what we had in the water, when the fish came up they ate everything.

Picked a few dolphin as well, landing 2.

Jumped off two white marlin. The first piled on a senior wide range in purple/silver/black then threw the hook after two or three jumps. The second came up on a Canyon Runner Rainbow Machine bar and switched off to the same wide range when Brian cranked the spreader bar out of its reach.