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10/1-2 — Yellowfin Limit!!!

We fished the toms canyon on a thursday-friday overnighter.

Trolled for about 5 hours with nothing to show but 2 dolphin that might have weighed 4 pounds each.

The night started off slowly with only one tuna bite before midnight. It was a 25 pounder caught on a dead squid.

We had sword bites at 12:30am and 1:30am and fought both for a bit before pulling the hook. Both fish immediately swam for the surface after taking the bait. The first jumped 6 or 7 times before spitting the hook and the second swam straight for the boat, then went deep, and then went right for the bow. Before the fish was even under control the hook pulled on the second as well.

Around 2:30am we had a nice flurry of yellowfins and quickly went 5 for 9 on both bait and jigs.

That stopped as quickly as it started and we continued to wait.

At 5am we started to mark the fish under the boat again and we ended up going 15 for 17 before the bite ended.

The final tally was 21 for 26 on yellowfin, 0 for 2 on swords and 2 small dolphin.

Hopefully the weather improves for the weekend!