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5/23/10 — Stripers to 48 Pounds!!

We had the Mike Marrone charter out for some trolling and the picked up where it left off on friday afternoon.

We managed to land 8 bass out of 13 before the guys were ready to go in. The biggest was 49 inches at the dock and tipped the scale at 48lbs 12oz. We caught it at 7:30am and it sat on ice until 1pm before being weighed. It makes me wonder if it was over 50 when it came out of the water.


5/22/10 — Slow Fishing

We had the Gavin Lentz charter from high bar harbor out on saturday and unfortunately just couldn’t get the fish to bite. The boats traffic was terrible. At one point I counted over 80 within 1.5 miles…There were boats as far as the eye could see and it killed the bite.

We did manage one 20 or so pound bass on the troll. It was 7 year old max’s first bass and he faught it like a pro.

5/21/10 — 5 Stripers to 44 Pounds!

We had a great group of guys on board today but unfortunately got off to a slow start.

We left the dock by 5am and had lines in the water about 20 minutes later. Despite marking lots of fish we couldn’t get a bite.

Got a call and decided to run up the beach a bit. Got the lines back in the water and within 10 minutes had our first fish, a fat 43 incher.

From about 10am on it was a slow pick for us. Once we found the bunker holding the fish, we usually got a bite.

We ended up with 5 nice bass all over 20 pounds, the heaviest being 44 pounds.

All the action was on bunker spoons for us.

I know that livelining bunker was working as I saw people catching using that method and I spoke with several people who caught that way as well. However, we were catching on the troll and I have a hard time switching up from something that is working.

We’ll probably try livelining next week after the weekend boat traffic dies down..




5/15/10 — Striper Limit!

Had Colin Siesholtz and his friend Mike out for a 6 hour striper trip today and got back into the action despite the boat traffic.

We didn’t have our first fish in the boat until 8am but it turned on with the tide change and from 9am till 11am we had 10 more big bass before calling it a day.

Most of our fish were in 60 feet of water today, but the reality is that’s where I was when the bite turned on.. I imagine we would have had them in 50 feet as well as we were marking them in there too..

6 were kept and the balance were released. Again, like yesterday, 5 of the 6 fish had already spawned. The smallest one hadn’t.

We’ve got openings this week so if you’re interested in a trip give me a call!!!

5/14/10 — Striper Limit!

We had a 3 man party on board today and trolled up 12 bass.

The smallest was 18 pounds and the two largest were 41 and 47 pounds!!