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7/5-6 — Covered Up!! Yellowfin Limit!

Headed out to the hudson canyon for an overnighter monday morning and immediately went on the troll once we arrived.

We found the 2 degree break and immediately got into fish on ballyhoo.

The first couple fish had some fuel left in the tank boatside and things didn’t work out.

The next shot resulted in 8 out of 10 rods going down and three immediately pulled off. 2 more pulled off well into the fight. We did land three but I was beginning to get a little concerned about what was going on…

Well, things turned around and a few minutes later we got covered up again. This time we went 7 for 8 on 40-60 pound yellowfins.

We set up for the night in 800 feet of water to avoid drifting into the pots and it ended up being a long night. We didn’t have a bite.

Back on the troll in the morning and we picked up right where we left off. We ended up getting covered up a few more times and ended the trip with 24 yellowfin between 40 and 60 pounds.

We had well over 40 fish on and many broke off. We had spreader bars come back missing arms and leaders break 6 inches from the snap swivel….the tackle couldn’t hold up to other yellowfin hitting the spreader bars and lures when we were already hooked up(typical of a hot bite like that). I guess their buddies didn’t want to miss out on the fun!!

We have some open dates coming up so give us a call to get in on the great fishing!