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6/26-27 — Action! Action! Action!

We had an overnighter last night and we had action right off the bat! We put the boat on the troll as soon as we got to the canyon and trolled until dark. We boated 7 yellowfin to 60 pounds and released 5 more prior to setting up for the night.

Drifted along the edge of the bank and had our first bite around 1am. We ended up releasing our first mako of the night; I’d estimate about 120-130 pounds.

Our next bite was the one we wanted. Rich fought the fish beautifully and I threw the dart after a 25 minute fight. We fought this mako on the dart line for almost 30 minutes before getting it close enough to subdue it. The mainline broke when the fish took a hard run after it was hit with the dart and we weren’t sure how well it was holding. Everything ended well and we decked the 220 pound mako.

We got on the troll at first light and fought 7 more yellowfins, keeping 2 and releasing the rest.

Did a bit a tilefishing and put 12 tiles in the boat before making the run home.





6/17 — Sharking

We were out sharking on June 17th and managed to get into a thresher right off the bat.

The fish fought just about everyone in the group and we managed to get a harpoon dart into the fish after just over an hour.

After finally getting a tail rope on the fish we dragged it for a while to make sure it was dead before bringing it in the boat.

It measured a fork length of 79 inches but 13 FEET overall! The weight chart put it right around 260 pounds.


6/21 Day Troll — BIG YELLOWFINS!!!

Well, for all you guys who are waiting to get out there for the big fish the time is now!

The bite’s been late in the day and early in the morning making overnighters a great choice for improved chances but we did get on the fish while they chewed for about 4 hours.

Got to the grounds and had lines in by 4:30am and marked fish almost immediately. It took a little time for the fish to come up but they did around 6:30am.

Our first shot was a great one! We had 5 fish come up and 3 came tight. We landed 1 out of the 3 and it weighed about 110 pounds. Turned around and we picked up a single, another 100 pounder.

We continued to pick away at them and occasionally had our turn at the fish.

We ended up with 10 yellowfin to 110 pounds and every fish was over 40 pounds!!!! We also had 12 tilefish to finish off the trip.

6/8-9 — Yellowfin Limit, 4 Makos, Dolphin

We had our first overnighter of the season last night and headed out to the piece of water to the south.

We began trolling around 3pm and had a few shots at yellowfins before sunset. We went 2 for 2, 3 for 3 and 2 for 2, for a quick 7 35-45 pounders in the boat.

After the third shot of yellowfin we turned around and had a mako explode on a wide range. We released the fish as it was too close to call and we planned to spend the night sharking anyway.

We didn’t get our first shark bite until moonset and then we had good action for about 2 hours. Our first mako bit around 1am and it ended up being a 78 inch male. We pitched a bait to another mako the same size as we were fighting the first and we released it a few minutes after we boated the other.

We released a 4th mako around 3:30am and pulled the hook on a very nice fish around 3:45.

At 4:15 a skipjack loin takes off and we proceeded to fight this thing for over 4 hours without seeing it. Finally, at 8:30am we saw that it was a monster tiger shark and were able to cut the leader boatside.

Throughout the 4+ hour fight we were marking fish under the boat so we got right up on the troll and had three more shots at yellowfin within a half hour. We put 5 more in the boat to limit out and headed home.

6/6/11 — Stripers Jumping in the Boat!!!!

I’m just kidding, it wasn’t that easy but I don’t know how else to get the point across. The fishing is HOT!

We had an 8 hour bass trip in the morning on Monday and got off to a quick start.

We pulled up to a pod and had two bunker snagged before the boat stopped moving. Both bunker were eaten before the boat stopped moving.

We’d pull fish off a pod of bunker until someone racing in pushed them down. I don’t have a lot of patience for that so I usually move on pretty quickly. I really don’t understand what is so hard about idling in from a couple hundred yards away or idling back up around the school to make another drift. But I digress..

Back to the hot bite.

We ended up the day with 20 bass and pulled off or missed just as many. After we had kept what the guys wanted to eat we went to circles hooks.

I think alot of us spent more time watching whales picking off bunker at that point than focusing on fishing..

As we backed into the slip to end the day we had someone waiting at the dock to see how our day went. Well, they ended up booking the afternoon on the spot.

6/6 PM Trip
Headed back out with a party of 6, all relatives staying on LBI for a family reunion and had some youngsters on the boat.

We got into the fish right away and the kids fought the fish like seasoned pros.

The kids got to see their first dolphins and whales in person and all fought their biggest bass ever. One of the kids suggested we submit video of the action to ESPN Outdoors. And don’t think it was a crazy idea… The fishing was that good.