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July 15-16 — Toms Canyon Overnighter

Fished the toms and had lines in around the 40 fathom line. We put a couple 50 pound yellowfins in the boat in 50 fathoms and fought off skip jacks for much of the afternoon. Jumped off a white marlin before setting up on the drift.

30 minutes into sharking we had our first bite. It was a beauty of a mako that measured around 30 inches. we removed the hook and put a tag in it and let it swim away. We released a hammerhead and a dusky and finally had the right bite at 4am.

After an acrobatic fight we put a 74″ mako in the boat just in time to get up on the troll.

The morning troll was good and we saw 7 more small yellowfin and 2 50 pounders..

Trolled into 50 fathoms and had a blue marlin pile on a jet but it didn’t come tight.

July 13th and 14th — Fluking!

Had inshore trips wednesday and thursday and had great action on fluke, sea bass and blues. Keepers were hard to come by but we did end up with a few keeper fluke each day. Both days the kids had a blast releasing 60-80 fluke and sea bass.

July 10-11 — Hudson Canyon

Went right back to the hudson and got lines in the water around 7pm. Quickly put 2 60 pound yellowfins in the boat and that was it before dark.

Set up on the drift for sharking and had 5 bites throughout the night. We broke off a swordfish that we estimated at 250 pounds, released a dusky, boated a 175 pound mako, and released two more makos in the 140-150 pound range.

On the troll in the morning we had 7 more yellowfin, releasing 5, before hitting the tile grounds. Quickly put 10 tiles between 5 and 10 pounds in the boat and made the run home.

July 9-10

We fished the hudson on an overnighter and found some great bait an hour into trolling.

We pulled the hook on a white and landed a dolphin before setting up on the drift for sharking.

The action was good with 2 dusky sharks and 2 makos. We boated a 110 pound mako and released a 200 pound class fish.

On the troll in the morning we got into the yellowfins and ended up going 12 for 15 on fish to 65 pounds.

We also had two bigeyes come up. One pulled off on the initial run and one came undone a half hour into the fight.