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8/20-21/11 — They’re wreckin’ us over here!

We had an overnighter Saturday into Sunday and got out to 40 fathoms inside the south canyons early Saturday.

Picked up a few nice dolphin right of the bat and then trolled around looking for a bite. We had bait, finback whales, pilot whales and dolphins(mammals) but no tuna.

Finally around 6:30pm we got our next bite on the troll and it was a very determined white marlin. After coming up on a spreader bar, ballyhoo and a couple jets, it settled in on a dart trolled from the short rigger. After some nice jumps we got the release.

We set up on the chunk in 550 feet of water and quickly had mahis swimming around the boat. We picked up a few more of them and then the tuna rolled through underneath them.

We quickly dropped down some jigs on our spinal jigging rods and put three 40-45 pound yellowfins in the boat in a matter of minutes.

It was quiet until 2am when a 44″ swordfish ate a squid down 130 feet. It fought much harder than its size would have you guess and we were ready for a larger one. In any event, we brought it into the boat, measured it, removed the hook and let it swim off for the future.

At between 4:45 and 5am the current slowed and the yellowfins showed up in force. Over the next hour and a half we had them swimming through the chunks, taking just about whatever we offered them. Boated what the charter wanted and released 9 more before deciding to clean up and head for the barn.

We ended up with a white release, a dozen mahi, a sword release and went 24 for 32 on yellowfins to 65 pounds.