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11/26 — Nibbles or Bites? Charter Limits Out Plus Bonus Tags by 6:40am

We fished with the Tony A. charter today and we were the first boat on scene in the dark.

Once again we managed to start out away from the crowd and it paid off.

It didn’t take long before we had our first fish and it certainly didn’t take long for the guys to limit out with fish, including filling the bonus tags they brought. The 4 kept 12 fish for the table and released the rest.

We caught over 70 fish today on soft plastics and jigs. The fish kept on biting on jigs all day.

We only caught 1 bluefish but did have some dogfish mixed in with the bass.






11/25 — Hot Bite!

Today we had the Dave A. charter out and managed to leave the dock a little early.

As soon as we had enough light to see we got into the fish and it was wide open until the fleet showed up.

By 7am there were 100 boats on scene and things slowed somewhat.

We managed to catch 43 bass on soft baits and then went on the troll hoping to find some more fish away from the fleet a bit. We caught a blue and another bass on the troll and decided to get back to jigging.

Managed another 5 fish and then the guys called it a day early.

One of the fish was tagged with a Hudson River Foundation tag so I’m interested to see what the story is.


11/21 — Phil Shrode and Eddie ‘Ring the Dinner’ Bell with a Limit of Big Bass!!

Left the dock early in slick calm conditions and quickly got into bass blitzing on sand eels.

The Phil Shrode charter quickly limited out with jigs and soft plastics and continued to release fish until they’d had enough.

Back at the dock there were a couple of blades that would have made made Edward Scissorhands or Jim Bowie proud. I had the pleasure of using one of the two and it held an edge better than any Dexter Russel I’ve used.

Here’s Eddie checking the specs out on the safety equipment:


A limit of nice bass:


11/22 — Limit of Bass

Without a doubt we’ve seen the most consistent bass fishing most of us have experienced and today was no exception.

It didn’t take long to get into fish and before we knew it the stripers were boiling all around us.

We limited out in short time before switching over to catch and release.

While everyone had a blast fighting multiple fish, at the end of the day the scorekeepers were quick to note that the spread was not covered.


11/20 — Movember Bassing Part 2 — More Limits!

Today was our second of two striped bass trips to try and raise money for Movember USA with CJ Walsh.

We got on some fish away from the crowds and we were rewarded with excellent fishing. The group landed over 35 bass, kept a limit for the table and released the rest.

Once the bass bite slowed we went out a little deeper and had some good jigging action on blues.



11/19 — More Bass!

On Saturday we had the Mark K. charter on the boat and saw the bass rolling up top at grey light. That was short lived as the boat traffic drove them down but we managed to get a couple of soft plastics and jigs before they were driven down.

Put it on the troll after a while to try to find some fish away from the crowds and landed a bunch more bass and blues.

Ended the day with a nice quick blitz casting into the breakers and landed 6 more bass.

The guys kept 4 bass, released 11 more and also released at least 15 big bluefish.


11/18 — Movember Bassing Part 1 — 70+ Bass

Today we had the pleasure of hosting our first of two Movember stiped bass trips. A great group joined CJ Walsh in an effort to raise a few bucks for prostate cancer research and we really lucked out with the fishing.

The guys landed 12 keepers and few dozen released fish before 7am on jigs. The jig bite was hot for us until about 8am when it slowed down some. Then by 9 we were having trouble getting them to bite.

Got on the troll and we continued to pick away on bass for the next 4 hours.

We had a few different numbers between the group but consensus was between 70 and 85 bass total, the vast majority caught on jigs. We hammered the blues as well and the guys took a few of them for the smoker.

Here’s one that was released:


Back at the dock:

11/17 — Smoking Drags for the Burns Charter

We got out the grounds very early today with the Burns charter and it didn’t take long to locate fish.

We had non-stop blitzing bass for about an hour before they settled in and the guys put 8 in the box and released the rest. After the first hour using top and mid water lures we switched over to jigs and continued to jig fish well. We had a lot more blues in the mix today.

The guys probably caught 35 bass and countless blues before they decided they’d had enough of the cold rain and wind.

We have November 23, 24, 26, 28, 29 and 30th available.


11/16 — Dau Charter Slays the Stripers!! 71 Bass!!

We had the Martin Dau charter on the boat and it was our best day of the fall to date.

On our very first drift we had 41 stripers on the jigs. Unbelievable fishing. We’re getting spoiled here.

We had some blues in the mix as well and ended up getting on troll after the jig bite slowed.

Finished up with 71 stripers keeping a limit and releasing the rest. We also had roughly 30 blues to our credit.


11/15 — Striper Tuesday and Available Dates

The outstanding fishing continues one more day!

Started fishing around 6:15, the guys decided to call it a day at 9:30am, and we were back home before 10am with sore arms. Can’t beat it.

The fish were bigger today, we had 4 between 21 and 27 pounds and a bunch more in the high teens.

We have the following dates available in November: 17th, 23rd, 24th, 26th, 28th, 29th, 30th.

Call now to reserve your date!