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6/22 — Blue Marlin, Yellowfin and Tiles

We had a day troll friday and headed to the wilmington canyon. We managed 5 yellowfin, roughly 25 tilefish and got the release on a another blue marlin.

It was the second trip in a row with a blue.


6/23 — Fluking

Had Bryan Azzato and family out for some fluking on saturday.

We started off looking for a thresher but it never materialized. We managed to land a few bluefish and a small brownshark.

Made a move back to the reef and landed a handful of fluke, sea robbins and skates. Bryan was disappointed when the fluke leader broke on a small hammerhead shark; he was looking for measurements to have a replica mount made to hang on his wall.

As always, great times with the Azzato family!

6/24-25 — Tough Trip to the Spencer

We had an overnighter sunday into monday and were greeted with great weather. Got the spencer around 2pm with reports of a bite that shut down at 8am.

We went 1 for 2 on white marlin sunday afternoon but didn’t have any tuna bites.

We released a tiger shark around midnight and had another swimming in the slick for quite a long time.

On the troll in the morning we went 1 for 2 on yellowfins and also picked up a pair of nice dolphin.

Made a run to some tile spots that have been known to produce and even that was slow. we were fighting a 1.5-2.2 knot drift.


6/20-21 — Yellowfins and the Man in the Blue Suit!!

Headed down south Wednesday morning and decided to go straight to bottom fishing with the nice weather.

We landed 8 rosies and a mix of 15 grey and golden tilefish with the largest weighing 41 pounds.

Once we got on the troll it didn’t take long for the action to begin. Between 4pm and dark we went 8 for 15 on yellowfins, jumped off two white marlin and released our first blue marlin of the season.

Once set up on the drift for sharks we immediately had yellowfins in the slick and we manged to pick one up on the jig.

The sharking was tough with a quick drift but we managed to land a 65″ mako around 10:30pm.

The guys called it quits at 3am and we cruised back to the dock in time for breakfast.





Tuna, Marlin and Shark Videos

6/18 — Vince Melara and John Brescia Slam the Sharks! 180 Pound Thresher!!!

Tonight we had two father son teams and this time it was the boys’ turn to do some damage.

Not long after we set up on the drift for sharks we had a brown shark eat a live bunker and the fish was released after a short fight.

A short time later the short balloon bait with a bluefish fillet starts screaming and John Brescia settles in for battle on a great thresher shark.

Greg’s custom rod with a 2-speed avet proved to be quite capable. John and Vince Melara tag-teamed the fish for 45 minutes before we could get a tail rope on it and tie it off boatside. It measured 66″ fork length (10 foot overall) and weighed an estimated 180 pounds based on the measurements.

The guys conquered this fish on their on and it was truly a great accomplishment and a pleasure to be a part of.

We continued to shark and had a couple more runoffs. The guys released a blue shark and the rest didn’t find the hook.



6/16-17 — Late Trip Heroics!

Given that everyone was dying to get back offshore we were willing to endure slightly adverse conditions and thankfully it eventually paid off.

We began the trip with some deep dropping and put a handful of nice tiles in the boat along with 6 barrelfish between 15-20 pounds.

It was too much work (and too wet) to back the boat up into the swell so we got on the troll after only 20 minutes of bottom fishing.

The troll was dead. We managed to get one bite before dark and it didn’t come tight. Despite the tough conditions we were still upbeat as there were mountains of bait, birds, whales, porpoise and slicks keeping us hopeful that it was only a matter of time.

Well, the night shark sucked too. We didn’t have a bite despite squid and flying fish around the boat all night.

We got on the troll at 4:45am and immediately marked christmas trees of fish. Finally, we thought it was on. It didn’t work that way. For the next three hours we circled the fish. I was grinding my teeth and almost pulling out hair.

As if a switch was turned on the fish came up just before 8am. For two hours we didn’t go 5 minutes without a fish on. We did pull a lot of hooks as it was 5-7 foot but we got 19 bites. We landed 12 of these yellowfins and the guys decided to keep 9 for the table.

I wish we had been able to stay more but we had to get back to the dock for an afternoon father’s day trip.





6/17 — Father’s Day Fluke Trip!

Kate and Paul brought their kids out for some father’s day fluking. It turned out to be more of a bluefish trip but the gang reeled in cocktail blues until they had their fill.

Great time on the water with a great family.

It’s always a blast to see the future of our sport in action!


6/10-11 — Canyons On Fire — Yellowfins, Makos, Tilefish

It’s on and time to get back out to the canyons!

We headed back out Sunday into Monday and had great yellowfin troll action right off the bat quickly putting 12 yellowfins between 30-45 pounds in the boat before we set up for the night.

Spent the night on the drift in 50 fathoms and went 2 for 3 on makos. One was a 4 footer that we released and we boated a 70″ fish at 3am.

With a limit of yellowfin and our mako in the boat we decided to change the game plan and (instead of releasing yellowfins on the troll) went deep dropping.

With the wind and current out of the east it took a little effort and a lot of weight but we managed to put together a great mix of grey and golden tiles.

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