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7/2-3 — Yellowfins and Bigeyes!

Headed right back to the warm water we’ve been fishing down south and had a nice shot of 5 yellowfins at 7pm. We landed 3 and got back on the troll after a round of pictures.

Not too much later we had a three bites that turned out to be the bigger cousin.

Quickly pulled the hook on one bigeye, chafed through the leader on a second after a short fight and landed the last after a 25 minute fight.

The bigeye measured 68 inches with a 48 inch girth. Didn’t weigh it but the math puts it right around 200 pounds.

Set up for the chunk and within 5 minutes a 4 inch long live squid starts screaming. Hate to assume, but since we were right on top of where we had the other 3 bites we’re considering this fish a bigeye. Fought the fish for 25 minutes before it chewed through the flouro chunking rig.

Throughout the night we went 9 for 16 on 40-60 pound yellowfins on the chunk!

On the morning troll we broke off a blue marlin after a 5 minute air show and we pulled the hook on a white.