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Inshore Mixed Bags

The past couple days we’ve had inshore trips and had mixed bags of blowfish, kingfish, fluke and sea bass.

7/6-7/13 — Hudson Canyon

Tough tuna fishing to say the least.   We had one tuna bite that didn’t come tight and that was it.  At night we released a blue shark and a hammerhead.

The bottom fishing was on fire.  We landed 21 golden tiles before calling it a day and heading back to the dock.

Here’s Max with his biggest:

6/25/13 — Half-Day Inshore

Fished for blowfish today and crushed them.  The group kept 40 for the table and released 40 or so more.  Lots of action!!

6/24/13 — Sharking

We fished just outside the fingers and experienced great action.  The guys released 6 huge blue sharks and a dusky shark and the kept a 63″ mako for the table.

6/23-24/13 — Tunas On Top!

Headed back to the south and got on the tunas.  The guys landed 34 yellowfins, keeping a limit and releasing 19 more.  We released 4 Bluefin tuna as well.

Bottom fishing was great as well.  The guys put 9 grey tiles and 6 goldens in the box before we headed for the barn.

6/18-19/13 — First Overnighter

We headed down south and immediately went to bottom fishing as it was a lake and the forecast was for the wind to come on hard.  Landed a mix of 21 grey and golden tilefish and then went on the troll.  We went 6 for 8 on yellowfin tuna before the sun went down.

Ran inshore looking for a mako and managed 2 blue sharks before the guys called it quits.

5/31/13 — Red Hot Sea Bass Fishing!

Bass fishing has been somewhat slow so after looking for a bit we made the call to hit the wrecks.  Ended up with a nice cooler of sea bass to 24″.

Here is Drew with two of his largest:

5-22-13 — Stripers to 39 Lbs

Fished for striped bass today and had 4 bass to 39 pounds.  Tough fishing but managed to put two in the boat trolling and caught two on live bunker.  And there was a beautiful sunrise:

5-15-13 — Limit of Trophy Stripers!

Great group today and great fishing!  I think everyone caught their lifetime best striped bass today, at least once.   Ended with a 5-person limit of striped bass to 42 pounds and released a few more.

5/8/13 — Stripers

We fished out front of Barnegat Light and Island Beach State Park today trying to find the striped bass we found yesterday to no avail.  Ultimately, we came back into the bay and casted lures to the sod banks and had good action on blues and stripers to finish up the day.  Mike, Joey and Kyle with one of the throwback stripers: