3 Overnighters in a Row

Fished the Hudson on Thursday-Friday and got out there in choppy conditions.

We picked away at some dolphin on the troll and then released a white.

The chunk was slow out there but we managed a 50 pound yellowfin and we pitched a butterfish to a 55 inch mako.



We headed back out Friday night between the hudson and toms amd started picking some dolphin on the troll.

We set up for the night on the northeast corner of the toms and picked a 50 pound yellowfin and tangled with a nice mako on 80 pound flourocarbon.

The fish took a full trip around the boat and the guys fought the mako within range for me to throw the harpoon. It ended up being 76 or 77 inches, i don’t recall at this point.

We finished up the trip by running to the tile grounds and put 15 tiles to 27 pounds in the boat.




Turned right around Friday and ran to the tilefishing grounds before setting up on the chunk for the night. We put 15 tiles to 41 pounds (but mostly 5-12 pounds) in the boat.

Made a run to the southwest corner of the toms and set up for the night on the chunk.

We picked three yellowfin and broke off a 4th on a jig.

On the morning troll we picked up 3 dolphin and went 1 for 3 on whites.