37 Yellowfins, 61″ Mako, Dolphin

Had an open boat overnighter last night and headed to the hudson canyon.

Began trolling around 3:30pm and had fish right away.

We started in 67 degree water and picked a few fish, including a few skippies that went into the box for shark bait.

Once we got into the 72 degree water the yellowfin bite was on fire.

It didn’t matter a whole lot what we had in the water when we were covered up but when we had singles and doubles bright colors were the ticket. 9″ Canyon Runner rainbow squid bars, green machine bars, and skirted ballyhoo worked best for us in those situations.

We landed 25 yellowfins prior to setting up for sharking, 9 of which were keepers.

The shark bite was somewhat slow in that we only got two bites. One was a blue shark and was the right one. Around 1am we boated a 61″ male mako that ate a butterflied mackeral.

On the morning troll we tried trolling 13″ squid bars hoping that it might trick a larger yellowfin into biting. That wasn’t the case and we landed another 12 small yellowfin before 6:30am, all of these were released.

At 6:30 the wind picked up out of the west and we began our 90 mile run home into a stiff breeze and steep 4-5′ wind chop.

hopefully someone on the trip can email me some pictures so i can post a few up.