5/21/10 — 5 Stripers to 44 Pounds!

We had a great group of guys on board today but unfortunately got off to a slow start.

We left the dock by 5am and had lines in the water about 20 minutes later. Despite marking lots of fish we couldn’t get a bite.

Got a call and decided to run up the beach a bit. Got the lines back in the water and within 10 minutes had our first fish, a fat 43 incher.

From about 10am on it was a slow pick for us. Once we found the bunker holding the fish, we usually got a bite.

We ended up with 5 nice bass all over 20 pounds, the heaviest being 44 pounds.

All the action was on bunker spoons for us.

I know that livelining bunker was working as I saw people catching using that method and I spoke with several people who caught that way as well. However, we were catching on the troll and I have a hard time switching up from something that is working.

We’ll probably try livelining next week after the weekend boat traffic dies down..