6/11/09 — BLuefins, Yellowfins, Dolphin

Rounded up the crew and headed out to the Lindenkohl for our first trip of the year up here as the cob webs needed to go…

Left the dock at 11:30pm and took a slow ride in pea soup fog.

Put the lines in at 4am just short of the canyon and marked huge schools of bait all over the 100 fathom line.

Things looked great all day; there were slicks, schools of bait, whales, birds…

Managed to pick up a lone 32″ bluefin in 200 fathoms crossing over from the NE corner to the SW corner around 7am.

Passed by a log around 9am and immediately had a triple header of dolphin on. Landed two of the three and put them in the box.. one was about 9 pounds the other around 12.

Trolled all over between 50 and 500 fathoms between the lindy and the carteret without a touch before heading back to the southwest corner of the lindy.

Around 1:30pm the fog rolled back in and it seemed like it turned things on. Probably just a coincidence but we quickly went 5 for 7 on yellowfin in three shots. One of the fish was a throwback while the other 4 were keepers. The biggest fish was about 20 pounds.

We picked up and ran in at 2:15. 78 miles in heavy fog.