6/15-16 — Spencer and Lindenkohl Canyons

Headed out to the warm water in the Lindenkohl and Spencer Canyons on Sunday.

Began trolling just short of where the break was on the satellite shot but quickly found that the water had moved out quite a bit and cooler green water had taken its place.

Trolled down the 100 fathom line towards the Spencer looking for nicer water and the life we had on Thursday but were quickly disappointed..

Worked down to the tip of the spencer, down to the southwest corner, 6 miles south of the SW corner.. worked some better looking 71.5 degree water out in 500 fathoms but it was lifeless.. moved out deeper and found water as warm as 72 degrees but it wasn’t holding any life either.

Worked back into the 100 fathom line on the SW side of the spencer and started to see some slicks, storm petrels, and bait..

Finally, after 7 hours of trolling we got our first shot at the fish. We managed to land and release 3 small yellowfins. One hit a zuchinni jet/bally combo, one hit a mini green machine bar and the third hit a 9″ canyon runner rainbow squid bar.

Unfortunately this was the extent of the action for us.

We spent the night sharking without a bite.

We got up on the troll in the morning in pea soup fog at 4:30am. Found some slicks and birds between the tip and the northeast corner of the spencer and thought we’d get some shots. We worked the area hard until 10:30am but it never happened.

The entire time we were out there the current was running from the NW to the SE, right off the bank.