6/16-17 — Late Trip Heroics!

Given that everyone was dying to get back offshore we were willing to endure slightly adverse conditions and thankfully it eventually paid off.

We began the trip with some deep dropping and put a handful of nice tiles in the boat along with 6 barrelfish between 15-20 pounds.

It was too much work (and too wet) to back the boat up into the swell so we got on the troll after only 20 minutes of bottom fishing.

The troll was dead. We managed to get one bite before dark and it didn’t come tight. Despite the tough conditions we were still upbeat as there were mountains of bait, birds, whales, porpoise and slicks keeping us hopeful that it was only a matter of time.

Well, the night shark sucked too. We didn’t have a bite despite squid and flying fish around the boat all night.

We got on the troll at 4:45am and immediately marked christmas trees of fish. Finally, we thought it was on. It didn’t work that way. For the next three hours we circled the fish. I was grinding my teeth and almost pulling out hair.

As if a switch was turned on the fish came up just before 8am. For two hours we didn’t go 5 minutes without a fish on. We did pull a lot of hooks as it was 5-7 foot but we got 19 bites. We landed 12 of these yellowfins and the guys decided to keep 9 for the table.

I wish we had been able to stay more but we had to get back to the dock for an afternoon father’s day trip.