6/18 — Vince Melara and John Brescia Slam the Sharks! 180 Pound Thresher!!!

Tonight we had two father son teams and this time it was the boys’ turn to do some damage.

Not long after we set up on the drift for sharks we had a brown shark eat a live bunker and the fish was released after a short fight.

A short time later the short balloon bait with a bluefish fillet starts screaming and John Brescia settles in for battle on a great thresher shark.

Greg’s custom rod with a 2-speed avet proved to be quite capable. John and Vince Melara tag-teamed the fish for 45 minutes before we could get a tail rope on it and tie it off boatside. It measured 66″ fork length (10 foot overall) and weighed an estimated 180 pounds based on the measurements.

The guys conquered this fish on their on and it was truly a great accomplishment and a pleasure to be a part of.

We continued to shark and had a couple more runoffs. The guys released a blue shark and the rest didn’t find the hook.