6/20-21 — Yellowfins and the Man in the Blue Suit!!

Headed down south Wednesday morning and decided to go straight to bottom fishing with the nice weather.

We landed 8 rosies and a mix of 15 grey and golden tilefish with the largest weighing 41 pounds.

Once we got on the troll it didn’t take long for the action to begin. Between 4pm and dark we went 8 for 15 on yellowfins, jumped off two white marlin and released our first blue marlin of the season.

Once set up on the drift for sharks we immediately had yellowfins in the slick and we manged to pick one up on the jig.

The sharking was tough with a quick drift but we managed to land a 65″ mako around 10:30pm.

The guys called it quits at 3am and we cruised back to the dock in time for breakfast.