6/21 Day Troll — BIG YELLOWFINS!!!

Well, for all you guys who are waiting to get out there for the big fish the time is now!

The bite’s been late in the day and early in the morning making overnighters a great choice for improved chances but we did get on the fish while they chewed for about 4 hours.

Got to the grounds and had lines in by 4:30am and marked fish almost immediately. It took a little time for the fish to come up but they did around 6:30am.

Our first shot was a great one! We had 5 fish come up and 3 came tight. We landed 1 out of the 3 and it weighed about 110 pounds. Turned around and we picked up a single, another 100 pounder.

We continued to pick away at them and occasionally had our turn at the fish.

We ended up with 10 yellowfin to 110 pounds and every fish was over 40 pounds!!!! We also had 12 tilefish to finish off the trip.