6/24/09 — Yellowfins and Dolphin

Arrived at the Lindenkohl at 3:30am this morning and started trolling in the dark.

Marked a bunch of fish inside the tip in 50 fathoms. Put in a bunch of time trolling the area after sunup without a touch.

Started north up the edge and found some yellowfins willing to jump on our spread.

There weren’t many boats out there so once we got on the fish we were able to work the school all by ourselves and the fish kept biting.

We had singles, doubles and a few triples on yellowfins to 45 pounds.

When single fish came up they tended to bite on skirted ballyhoo, but when multiples came up the bit on Canyon Runner rainbow squid bars and green machine bars along with a few bites on the skirted ballyhoo.

Ended the day 20 for 24 on yellowfin and had a 10 pound dolphin that we trolled up off a piece of wood. 8 were kept for the table and the other 12 were released.

We’ve got a good number of midweek and weekend dates available in the next few weeks so if you’re sitting on the fence about a trip don’t delay! Get in on the action while it’s still going on!

Here are a few shots from the day: