6/26-27 — Action! Action! Action!

We had an overnighter last night and we had action right off the bat! We put the boat on the troll as soon as we got to the canyon and trolled until dark. We boated 7 yellowfin to 60 pounds and released 5 more prior to setting up for the night.

Drifted along the edge of the bank and had our first bite around 1am. We ended up releasing our first mako of the night; I’d estimate about 120-130 pounds.

Our next bite was the one we wanted. Rich fought the fish beautifully and I threw the dart after a 25 minute fight. We fought this mako on the dart line for almost 30 minutes before getting it close enough to subdue it. The mainline broke when the fish took a hard run after it was hit with the dart and we weren’t sure how well it was holding. Everything ended well and we decked the 220 pound mako.

We got on the troll at first light and fought 7 more yellowfins, keeping 2 and releasing the rest.

Did a bit a tilefishing and put 12 tiles in the boat before making the run home.