6/8-9 — Sharks and Tilefish

Decided to change it up a little bit with the good conditions tuesday and focused on tilefish instead of tuna.

We ended up with 17 tiles to 25 pounds. They were a mix of goldens and greys with most of the goldens 6-10 pounds. The largest grey was 12 pounds.

At night we set up for sharks on the 100 fathom line and quickly had them in the slick. We boated a 64″ mako around 10pm and then we had fun releasing bluesharks. We probably released over 25 but had 2 or 3 swimming up to the chum bag at all times. had we not had a mako in the boat we definitely would have moved a bit but with a fish in the boat the bluedogs were a welcome way to pass the time.

Ran in at first light.