6/8-9 — Yellowfin Limit, 4 Makos, Dolphin

We had our first overnighter of the season last night and headed out to the piece of water to the south.

We began trolling around 3pm and had a few shots at yellowfins before sunset. We went 2 for 2, 3 for 3 and 2 for 2, for a quick 7 35-45 pounders in the boat.

After the third shot of yellowfin we turned around and had a mako explode on a wide range. We released the fish as it was too close to call and we planned to spend the night sharking anyway.

We didn’t get our first shark bite until moonset and then we had good action for about 2 hours. Our first mako bit around 1am and it ended up being a 78 inch male. We pitched a bait to another mako the same size as we were fighting the first and we released it a few minutes after we boated the other.

We released a 4th mako around 3:30am and pulled the hook on a very nice fish around 3:45.

At 4:15 a skipjack loin takes off and we proceeded to fight this thing for over 4 hours without seeing it. Finally, at 8:30am we saw that it was a monster tiger shark and were able to cut the leader boatside.

Throughout the 4+ hour fight we were marking fish under the boat so we got right up on the troll and had three more shots at yellowfin within a half hour. We put 5 more in the boat to limit out and headed home.