7/19-20 Overnighter

Headed to the Spencer canyon on Sunday and put the lines in around 6pm. Shortly thereafter a 30″ yellowfin bit a Canyon Runner rainbow squid bar and then hit the deck.

We managed to pick a couple more throwback yellowfin on the troll and jumped off a white. The yellowfins were keyed in on squid and bit the squid bars. The white came up on a rainbow squid bar then switched off to a purlple/black canyon runner jet over a ballyhoo. It threw the hook on its second jump.

We set up for sharking at the 500 fathom tip and the drift took us right down the 500 fathom line towards the Wilmington.

As soon as we turned the lights on to set up a bunch of yellowfin came up to the surface to eat some bait. Pitched a couple hammered diamond jigs over the side and hooked up with two of them before the school disappeared. Both were 30″.

Sharking was good. We had steady action from midnight till 4:30am on blue sharks and makos. We ended up releasing 5 blue sharks and 2 makos. We boated our 3rd mako of the night which ended up being a 68 incher that ate a chunk of skippy.

The morning troll wasn’t productive for us until we hit the tip of the Lindenkohl around 11am. Once there we picked away at 9 more yellowfin with 3 being keepers.

Finished the day off with a 19 pound bull dolphin that ate a ballyhoo in the wash.