7/24-25/09 — Yellowfins, White Marlin, Big Sword!!

Headed to the Hudson friday morning but stopped along the way to pitch some baits to some floating structure. Picked up a big trigger fish and a dolphin before the fish stopped biting. Our hooks were a little oversized for the task.

Once at the hudson we immediately went on the drift to try some tilefishing. It was wind against current so the conditions were tough but we did manage to put an 8 pounder in the boat.

Got on the troll and had 17 yellowfin before dusk. Many of these fish were 40-60 pounds! We released a bunch of legal ones as the charter felt they had enough tuna in the box. The fish hit everything in the spread but the larger fish were keyed in on Canyon Runner 9″ rainbow squid bars.

In addition to the good tuna bite we picked up a fat white marlin. it taped out at an estimated 79 pounds based on the 800 rule… that thing bit about 6 days too soon as we’re doing the beach haven tournament next weekend.

The night bite was slow but we did get the right bite and made the most of it when it counted. We fought a nice sword for about 20 minutes before i got the dart in it. It was a darn lucky shot; the fish was straight down 9 feet and the dart went through both gill plates. Fought it on the dart line for another 15 minutes before finally getting it in the boat. Its fork length was 70 inches.

The action on the morning troll was similar to the day before except we only found the smaller fish. This was fine with me as we were releasing the fish anyway.

Ended up with 22 yellowfin, a white, a sword, a dolphin, a tilefish, a trigger fish and too many skippies to count…we did go through 6 dozen ballyhoo so you get the idea.