7/25-26/08 — Yellowfin Limit

Had an open boat trip out to the Carteret Canyon for an overnighter on Friday.

We started trolling at 1pm and immediately had a fish on. We pulled the hook a few minutes into the fight.. Luckily, this trend didn’t continue!!

We had non-stop action on 40-65 pound yellowfin, with a few going to 80 pounds until 5pm.

The fish favored Canyon Runner 9″ rainbow squid bars and green machine bars. The bars outproduced ballyhoo 3 to 1. The fish that were taken on skirted ballyhoo were skirted with Canyon Runner Zuchinni jets and chartreuse/green sea witches.

At 5pm we headed out to 3-500 fathoms in search of billfish or bigeyes trolling large lures..The largest yellowfin, and the only yellowfin we caught out there, was a 100-110 pounder caught in 300 fathoms just after 5:30pm..

Since the boxes were full the guys decided they wanted to target swords at night. We had 4 sword lines out and spent the night on the drift just outside the 100 fathom line without a bite. We had plenty of baitfish and squid in the lights, just no swords.

Cleaned up around 3am and got home in time for the guys to eat breakfast..