8/14-15 Overnighter

Headed out Saturday in a big NE swell and started trolling around 7pm.

In an hour and 15 minutes we put two yellowfin and 6 dolphin in the boat mainly on skirted ballyhoo.

We dropped the hook right on top of the bait we were working hoping for a nice shot at some yellowfins on the chunk. Unfortunately they didn’t show but we weren’t short of action.

We released our first swordfish around 9pm and our second around 1am. From 1am-4am we had all the dolphin you wanted swimming around the boat. Boxed up 11 more to 15 pounds and I think the guys released a few more.

On the morning troll we had yellowfin action in the skippies but could only pull singles and doubles for some reason. We went 9 for 13 in the morning before dropping down for some tiles.

We put 5 tilefish in the boat and then called it a trip.