8/17-18/08 — Yellowfins, Longfin, Tilefish, Swordfish

Fished down south on an overnighter Sunday into Monday and decided to go straight to deep dropping.

We landed one tilefish and had no more bites. Productive areas flat out stunk for us.

Got up on the troll around 3pm and found some skippies breaking on the surface. Stayed with these skippies until sunset and ended up going 6 for 8 on yellowfin. Three of the fish were 29-30 inches and three were about 50 pounds.

Set up for the chunk in 480 feet of water and had squid under the boat immediately. We had fun filling 5 gallon buckets full of 10-16″ squid during the slow times.

Early in the night we put a 50 pound longfin in the boat, our first longfin of the season.

Just after 11:30pm we had a tuna bait started screaming. we landed a nice swordfish after a 2 minute fight. Needless to say the fish was pretty green when we put it in the boat, we didn’t have time to put together the harpoon.

A little later we had an 8 foot blue shark take a sword bait down 200 feet. Released it after a nice fight.

Around 3am we had another swordfish on… This time it was the typical swordfish bite and then we set up on the fish. Got the release on a 40-50 pound pup.

Got up on the troll and pulled the hook on a nice yellowfin around 6am and then had no more bites.