8/17-18/13 — Bigeyes and Longfin!!

We fished overnight Saturday into Sunday and had great trolling action!

Our first shots on the troll were longfin tuna and we quickly put a few in the boat to break the ice.

At dusk we got the bite we were looking for and the guys went to work on a 140 pound bigeye tuna.  After 25 minutes we had the fish on the boat and the guys were pumped.

The night bite was non-existent but it gave us a chance to rest up for the morning.

Once again, the morning saw huge explosions behind the boat and we connected with another bigeye tuna.  This fish was a little tougher but the guys got it to the boat in 30 minutes and Doug sunk the harpoon.  This one was 180 pounds.

Back on the troll we picked up a few more longfin before heading for the dock.