8/2-3/07 — Toms Canyon

Headed to the Toms canyon with Joe Cunningham and first tried to find some tilefish.

A bit on the slow side, decided to get on the troll after a few drifts and 4 tiles in the boat.

Within 30 seconds of getting on the troll had our first yellowfin, a nice 55-60 pounder. It inhaled a purple/black jr islander over ballyhoo.

Did nothing until 7:30pm when a white tried to eat a ballyhoo/islander behind a bird. Had the fish on momentarily but it jumped off the hook.

Set up for swords and sharks at night and our first fish was a 50 pound yellowfin that took a sword bait.

Released a monster blue shark at 1:30am and then fought and boated a 72″ mako at 2:30am.

Had one more fish take a swordfish bait at 4:30am and it ended up being another legal sized mako. As we were reaching for the leader with the knife, its teeth cut through the mono.

Got back up on the troll and had two single yellowfin bites before 7, one on a canyon runner 9″ rainbow squid bar and one on a mylure jet over a medium ballyhoo.

Reset the lines and had a white pile on a purple/black canyon runner jet over a ballyhoo. Joe C took control and the fish was released after about a 10 minute fight.

Had a 3 bagger of longfin on the northeast side and landed two. the two fish we landed ate 9″ canyon runner rainbow squid bar and a yellow/green sea witch over ballyhoo.

Finished up with some more tile fishing and put another 6 tiles to 40 pounds in the boat before heading home.