8/20-21 — Hudson Overnighter — Red Hot Chunk Bite!!!!!

We headed to the Hudson canyon Friday afternoon and got on the troll around 7pm.

We immediately had some yellowfin hitting the baits but as quickly as they showed up they disappeared.

We ended up keeping one 30 inch fish and releasing a few 24 inchers.

Set up for the night and it started off slow. We missed a sword bite around 11pm and that was our only action until 1am when all hell broke loose.

We had steady action from 1am until daybreak and ended up boating 14 yellowfins between 45 and 65 pounds and releasing a handful more.

The bites were split between jigs, live and dead bait.

We started off using our standard tackle and once we had what the charter wanted we switched over to some lighter tackle and ended up breaking off quite a few fish.

Conservatively we had between 30-35 fish on throughout the night. Several times you could pretty much pitch a bait to whichever fish you wanted as it swam through our slick picking off chunks..

In addition to the hot tuna bite we jumped off a blue marlin and had a bunch of dolphin.

If you’re thinking about a trip get in touch as soon as you can. We only have 2 available nights left in August and September is filling up very quickly.