8/20/08 — Lobster Claw Bluefins!!

Left the dock at 12:30am in a 20 knot NE wind and headed south to the Lobster Claw.

Got to the grounds around 4:30am and circled the area looking for bait and fish.

Figured out where they were and put the lines in around 4:45am.

Marked the bluefins consistently all day long but we were having trouble getting bites.

We had a total of 4 bites and 2 didn’t even come tight.

Mid morning we fought a nice fish that ate a blue/white islander ballyhoo combo on the surface. Stu(first time there were 2 stu’s on the boat) did great job on the fish but we ended up pulling the hook with the wind-on on the reel after about 30 minutes.

Finally, at 1pm we had our last bite of the day… We fought and boated a fat 59″ bluefin after a 20 minute battle. It ate a pink/crystal ballyhoo combo on a planer.

We had a great group of guys on board who really endured some uncomfortable conditions and I’m glad it finally paid off at the end of the day.