8/30-31/07 — Carteret Canyon

Trolled down to the Carteret from the south toms as the water had slid south some and only managed two bites… one was a white bite that I missed and one was a tuna that broke off on the strike.

Set up for the chunk in between the Carteret and the Lindenkohl in 520 feet of water and immediately had squid in the lights. For about an hour we jigged and netted 12-13″ squid before we had our first shot at fish.

By 11:30pm we had 7 yellowfin to 90lbs in the box, had missed a sword bite on a sword rig and had broken off another sword on 80lb. fluorocarbon. All the bites were on live or dead squid.

After a short lull in the action we had another flurry of 5 fish between 3 and 4am. Again, all the fish came on live or fresh dead squid.

We picked one last fish around 5am and after a very brief morning troll headed in.

Overall we were 13 for 17 on yellowfin with nothing to show for the troll…