8/30-31/09 — Carteret Canyon

Fished the Carteret and Lindy yesterday into today and finally experienced a good chunk bite.

We picked a 70lb. yellowfin on the troll yesterday afternoon when we arrived at the carteret.

Missed the release on some whites and then had a shot at blue marlin at dark. Fought the blue one into the dark and released the 175-200lb fish at 8:30pm. It hit a jet down the middle.

Set up on the chunk and had fish under the boat from 9pm-10:30pm and 3:30am-5:30am. We got a couple bites on bait but most of our bites were on diamond jigs.. Ended up with 12 yellowfin on the chunk and then spent a good amount of time between 4:30 and 5:30am watching them eat chunks.

Prior to the yellowfin action we boated a 50.5″ swordfish that ate a squid down 200 feet and picked up a pair of dolphin that swam through the lights.. We missed another sword bite around midnight.

On the morning troll we picked up another 70 pound yellowfin on a canyon runner rainbow squid bar.

We spent the last three hours today trolling lures hoping to pick up a white but it never happened.