8/3/09 Hudson Day Troll

8/3/09 — Hudson Day Troll

Took the Pat Magee charter to the Husdon Canyon for a day troll.

As soon as I got to the 100 fathom line I marked fish and as soon as we got the lines in the water we had fish on.

We fished along side skipjacks and shearwaters and ended up catching 35 yellowfin to 75 pounds.

Of the 35 we kept 10 and threw back a few more keepers. Needless to say, it didn’t really matter what we had in the water, when the fish came up they ate everything.

Picked a few dolphin as well, landing 2.

Jumped off two white marlin. The first piled on a senior wide range in purple/silver/black then threw the hook after two or three jumps. The second came up on a Canyon Runner Rainbow Machine bar and switched off to the same wide range when Brian cranked the spreader bar out of its reach.