8/5/08 — Carteret Canyon Blue Marlin and Yellowfin Tuna

Fished the carteret on Tuesday and had a very slow day on yellowfin.

We had a shot early when the yellowfins came up around feeding skippies but didn’t do much beyond that.

We had 10 baits get hit during the shot, only 5 lines came tight and 2 immediately tangled and broke off. We boated 2 60 pound yellowfins and released a third small one.

At around 8:30am we had a blue marlin in the spread and it came tight on a skirted ballyhoo. Managed the release after a 25 minute fight…

Had a few more single yellowfin bites in the afternoon and headed home around 6pm.

Ended the day with 6 yellowfin and the blue marlin release.