9/11-12/08 — Toms Canyon — Hatchet Marlin, White Marlin, Swordfish, Mahi

Headed to the Toms canyon on Thursday afternoon looking to troll up a yellowfin or two…

Well, the tuna fishing didn’t happen for us but we ended up scraping together a pretty nice catch.

We picked up a few chicken dolphin off the pots before finding a nice 32 pound bull. I think Brian said it was his largest dolphin ever. It was also our largest of the season and the largest on the new boat.

After a couple more passes we had a big hatchet marlin(71″) eat a Canyon Runner green machine bar on the short rigger. This fish came up fired up and really piled on the bar.

We set up for the night on the northeast corner looking for swordfish as the guys wanted to target them. We fished a spread of two balloon lines and three tip rods, all rigged up with sword rigs.

Our first bite was early in the night and it hit a squid down 160 feet. The screaming first run made us think it was a keeper fish, unfortunately it was a pup that took a circle hook in the tail. It didn’t take long after the first run to get the release.

We had our only other bite of the night around midnight. The deep rod’s line went slack and seconds later the fish was swimming in the lights with the LP light behind it. Doug wound like crazy but we never came tight on the fish.

On the morning troll we found some hungry billfish. Our first shot was around 8am and at least 2 whites came up into the spread. One piled on a Canyon Runner 9″ rainbow squid bar trolled from the long rigger. We took the stainless steel hook out of its mouth and released it after a nice fight.

Our next fish, another white marlin, took a purple/black stalker annihilator trolled from the short rigger. After a short fight we removed the hook and watched it swim away. This one was the largest of the day, just over 72 inches.

Our third white of the day inhaled a purple/silver/black senior wide range trolled short off the center rigger and put on an aerial show… Shortly after clearing the lines we backed down on the fish, removed the hook and let it go.

Ended up with 6 dolphin to 32 pounds, a swordfish release, a hatchet release and three white marlin releases…