9/2-3/08 — Spencer/Wilmington

Headed out to the spencer canyon on a fun trip with my brother and my dad.

It was my dad’s birthday and he was supposed to be first on the rod but the fish caught him snoozing in front of the tv.

The first fish hit a black/purple islander in 45 fathoms inside the spencer. It was a 50 pound wahoo that my brother got to reel in.

Trolled out to the 100 fathom line and had a white marlin pile on a purple/silver/black standard wide range. Unfortunately, after doing a back flip a diver would be proud of it spit the hook.

The current was moving to the NE at around 1.5 knots so we set up close to the northeast corner of the wilmington. We drifted all the way up to the 500 fathom tip of the spencer.

At roughly midnight we released a 44″ sword that ate a live squid on 80# flouro.

We had some mahi swimming around the boat so we put out a squid strip on a small hook 5 feet below a baloon and drifted it out to the light line. A few minutes later we had a sailfish in the boat. not the biggest sail(total length of 16 inches) but it was the boat’s first sailfish on rod and reel north of the carolinas… we snapped a picture and let it swim away…


Up on the troll in the morning we had a double header of monster yellowfin. We had a 29″ yellowfin hit a ballyhoo skirted with a zuchinni canyon runner cupped jet and the 31″ yellowfin hit a canyon runner 9″ rainbow squid bar…

At that point we decided on doing some tilefishing in the wilmington. Unfortunately, the tilefishing stunk and we didn’t even have a bite. However, while trolling across the flats to the east notch of the wilmington we had a white marlin commit suicide on a purple/black stalker annihilator.