9/3-4/07 — Toms Canyon

Headed to the toms and had lines in by 2pm.

reached the tip and had a double header of whites come up on skirted ballyhoo.. had one on briefly but pulled the hook.

Circled back around a few minutes later and had another double header of whites come up. We came tight on one and again pulled the hook.

We put two nice dolphin in the box then headed to the NE corner.

Had a 200+- lb blue marlin come up on a 13″ rainbow squid spreader bar and tried to attack it three times before giving up. Tried unsuccessfully to switch it over to a ballyhoo; it just wanted to inhale some squid.

We set up for the chunk in 520 feet of water on the NE side and had yellowfin under the boat immediately.

We went 6 for 9 on 70-80# models before switching over to all sword rigs. The 300# leader didn’t deter the yellowfins and we released another 19 yellowfin by 6am. All these fish ate squids on 10/0 jobu big game hooks and 300# leader…

The marks on the sounder were thick and they stayed under the boat all night.