9/6-7/07 — Lindenkohl Canyon

Got to the 100 fathom line a little after 8:30pm and started our first drift at 9… After an unproductive, wind-against-current drift i decided to drop the hook in 550 feet of water on top of some bait.

We had a flurry of yellowfin around 2am and had some trouble with the larger fish… We went 3 for 7 on 80 pound fish before the action stopped for a short time.

We began reading fish again around 4:30am and had them under and behind the boat until just before sun-up. Longfin were swimming right up our chunk slick and into the transom lights before swimming off… We fought quite a few fish on the jig, chunks, and dead squid and landed 6.

At sun-up i tossed out a dead squid on 10 feet of 40# fluorocarbon with a wind-on swivel and it was taken about 30 minutes later. We caught another longfin, bringing our total to 7.

Got up on the troll and put another couple of longfin in the boat at the northeast corner of the Lindenkohl before pointing the boat towards the inlet. Both longfin hit 9″ canyon runner rainbow squid bars. had a white take a purple/black wide range and put on quite an aerial display in 45 fathoms but jumped it off before all the lines were cleared.